Welcome to the Marketingers Project

September 11, 2008

Marketingers is proud to officially start! So, welcome to everyone who finds us!!! 🙂

The Marketingers Project is glad to be underway, for this is very exciting to see the evolution that will take place with the future, and the possible, experiences,  opportunities and success that will happen along the way.

The best way to describe The Marketingers Project is to think of the essense of marketing, promotions, and advertising… and throw out all the fakeness that has been created within the past years, due to the countless number of greedy, unprofessional businesses. Marketingers will take an honest, philosophical approach to marketing, advertising, and promotions by using unheard of techniques. The project is all about experimenting, creating new, better, and exciting methods.

So, if you need anything advertised, marketed, or promoted, then please get in contact with the Marketinger Project to discuss the details.

Thank you, and look forward to much success!

Jeff, The Marketingers Project