Lately, I have found another great health forum/site.

This health forum ( is by far one of the most innovative and welcoming forums, regarding health, that I have visited. Most of my visits to similar sites like NatMedTalk where full of members who wanted to create discussions simply to argue and stir some controversy. However, NatMedTalk does anything but that!

NatMedTalk covers topics on the whole spectrum of health, from fitness and exercise to mental health to best tips for women’s health… and even vision and diabetes. There is truly something that will interest you, and will have you creating new online friends, and finding the best answers to your health questions and discussions in no time!

Even if you are just looking for a good forum to chitchat with, there is a place just for that! So, whether you want to talk about natural medicine or just anything off-topic, this is definitely the forum for you.


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