American Folk Art

Nothing tells the story of America better or more accurate than folk art. With hundreds of artists popular and unknown, all have made their lives dedicated to telling the history of America through their artwork. From oil paintings to water color, all of these pieces are now practically priceless.

While not entirely certain, it is majorly accepted that the American fold art began in the mid and late 1700s, around the United Stated Declaration of Independence. The American Folk Art tells stories of America, from wars to timeless social events. However, the most cherished pieces seem to be the ones of America’s beautiful landscape.

The American Fold Art Museum, in New york City, is the center for finding and viewing these amazing American artwork. What also makes these pieces so valuable is the uniqueness of each one. If there are even more than one work of Folk Art, there may only be a few… such as two or three maximum!

With that being said, it is no surprise that obtaining such pieces go into the millions of dollars. Some of the top pieces of American Folk Art are:

– Thomas Moran’s “Green River of Wyoming” (1878). Cost: $17,737,000

– William Merritt Chase’s I Think I Am Ready Now (the Mirror, the Pink Dress), circa 1893. Cost: ~$2 million

– Remington’s “The Wounded Bunkie“, circa 1896. Cost: ~$5 million

So, if you want to get more involved in the world of American Folk Art, then check out, it has all the latest news on American Folk Art, and can even find some great deals on purchasing antique pieces!

Folk Art is one of the most colorful and lively areas in the world of art, so be ready to spend some time to look at the story of America’s history!


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