Marketingers ‘Official’ Project Launch!

Hello to all, and welcome to the Official Marketingers Project!

This post is to help guide you as to what the project will consist of, and while there are many methods that will stay unchanged… the overall project will certainly evolve, as anything naturally does.

However, here’s what you will expect to see:

1.) Marketingers Review- Review of the site/business/product. As much as the project will try to avoid favoring or bashing through personal opinions, each review will inevitably have some.

2.) Advertisements of the Day- This is where you will see links to sites/businesses, as well as any promotional material we receive. Pretty self-explanatory. 🙂

3.) Polls & contests- The project will hosts these at random times… again, pretty obvious in it’s purpose. However, what our polls/contests will focus more on marketing our clients, which in the end benefits you!

Hopefully the brief overview will help you get an idea and feel for how the Markeingers Project will work out. There is much more being developed right now, and we are indeed excited to finally have this project launched.

Look forward to having you a part of our journey.


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