Hi all,

Marketingers Project is in need of our first look. So, what I am looking for our wordpress themes there are no true requirements for it, only thing is to make sure that there is no profanity, or anything illegal within the theme’s design.

Submit WP designs to:
The contest’s deadline: TUESDAY, SEPT. 20TH AT 10:00 PM (EST)

I will showcase the top three WP themes, and then I will host a poll to vote for the winner.

Look forward to your designs!




  1. Affiliates Earn Cash Says:

    I will be emailing you a few WP Theme designs in a few minutes here.

  2. narendra.s.v Says:

    Good but what is the prize?

  3. marketingers Says:

    Great question 🙂
    No matter what, you get one month of FREE MARKETING (This is that you are getting our full, professional service.. which I will provide that info for at a later time) as well as maybe a small monetary prize, or something fun. Not exactly set in stone… but you will indeed get free month of marketing!

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