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New and Friendly Webmaster Forum

September 29, 2008

Hello there, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new webmaster forum out there, a new and friendlier one. It’s, go ahead check it out and become part of the friendly webmaster community. Discussions range from starting a site to making money off of it. All topics the topics that are covered are SEO, Marketing, Directories, Graphics, Web Design, Revenue, Hosting & Domain and much more!

They also got a Marketplace for you to sell your domains, themes, links, advertisement spots, and any services you may offer.

It’s amazing forum, do take this opportunity to sign up and register there.



Preview of Week 1 of Marketingers Project

September 22, 2008

This week you will be seeing some reviews of the following sites:

Feel free to check these sites out anytime! All of them have been reviewed, and none contain any illegal content (pornography, illegal drugs, etc.) If you wish to have your website, business, product, service, etc. marketed on Marketingers Project, please contact us at Thanks!

Marketingers ‘Official’ Project Launch!

September 22, 2008

Hello to all, and welcome to the Official Marketingers Project!

This post is to help guide you as to what the project will consist of, and while there are many methods that will stay unchanged… the overall project will certainly evolve, as anything naturally does.

However, here’s what you will expect to see:

1.) Marketingers Review- Review of the site/business/product. As much as the project will try to avoid favoring or bashing through personal opinions, each review will inevitably have some.

2.) Advertisements of the Day- This is where you will see links to sites/businesses, as well as any promotional material we receive. Pretty self-explanatory. 🙂

3.) Polls & contests- The project will hosts these at random times… again, pretty obvious in it’s purpose. However, what our polls/contests will focus more on marketing our clients, which in the end benefits you!

Hopefully the brief overview will help you get an idea and feel for how the Markeingers Project will work out. There is much more being developed right now, and we are indeed excited to finally have this project launched.

Look forward to having you a part of our journey.


September 19, 2008

Hi all,

Marketingers Project is in need of our first look. So, what I am looking for our wordpress themes there are no true requirements for it, only thing is to make sure that there is no profanity, or anything illegal within the theme’s design.

Submit WP designs to:
The contest’s deadline: TUESDAY, SEPT. 20TH AT 10:00 PM (EST)

I will showcase the top three WP themes, and then I will host a poll to vote for the winner.

Look forward to your designs!


First Review!

September 18, 2008

This first review comes with a great site! The is an excellent website for those who are fans of Hookah. While there are numerous Hookah related sites out in the internet world, the is a very welcoming website. When I was reviewing the site, it was very informative and entertaining. The most appealing aspect of the site was the easy-to-use and moving through the internet, as well the overall web layout/design was very professional and interesting.

If there was anytime that I would need to research anything Hookah related, I would definitely recommend!

First Marketingers Review!

September 14, 2008

You love music, but you are tired of finding new bands. That is where Beer Music Marketing rocks. myspace’s up-and-coming music business is truly putting originality and personailty back into music and the biz.

While Beer Music’s name may seem it is directed just towards musicians/bands, it is actually open to ALL ARTISTS!! As well, they do not have a website established, but they don’t need to worry about putting funding into a site for the social network sites are incredible cost-effective tools.

Overall, Beer Music has a long way to go, but they have an awesome philosophy, great optimism, and their love of music and being true to themselves are what are certainly going to make them successful within the near future.

Check Beer Music via myspace:


Welcome to the Marketingers Project

September 11, 2008

Marketingers is proud to officially start! So, welcome to everyone who finds us!!! 🙂

The Marketingers Project is glad to be underway, for this is very exciting to see the evolution that will take place with the future, and the possible, experiences,  opportunities and success that will happen along the way.

The best way to describe The Marketingers Project is to think of the essense of marketing, promotions, and advertising… and throw out all the fakeness that has been created within the past years, due to the countless number of greedy, unprofessional businesses. Marketingers will take an honest, philosophical approach to marketing, advertising, and promotions by using unheard of techniques. The project is all about experimenting, creating new, better, and exciting methods.

So, if you need anything advertised, marketed, or promoted, then please get in contact with the Marketinger Project to discuss the details.

Thank you, and look forward to much success!

Jeff, The Marketingers Project